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Roger Pye

Makauri Jewellery Box
Catalogue Number: 432
Category: Hollow Forms/Vases

Turned in separate pieces of Kauri and Mahogany.  The base is turned to complement the shape of the main kauri bowl. Dimensions are ; Overall height 200mm Finial 105mm : Bowl on base 95mm : Diameter 180mm.

Finish is 2 pot Mirotone satin lacquer.


Multifacet Platter
Catalogue Number: 428
Category: Plates/Platters

Turned from a piece of Australian Redwood. 

Mathematical calculations determine the exact length of each facet.  The outside diameter is  440mm.

The finish, sprayed two pot Mirotone lacquer

Okogany Jewellery Box
Catalogue Number: 431
Category: Lidded Boxes

This box is turned from separate pieces of Oak and Mahogany. They have been assembled after finishing and sanding was completed. Overall height 187mm :  Diameter 230.

The finish is sprayed on two pot Mirotone Satin Lacquer.

Pepper Grinder
Catalogue Number: 430
Category: Domestic Ware

This pepper grinder is turned from a piece of "Swamp Kauri". The base diameter is 70mm and the top has been turned using three off centre points at 20mm each. 

Finished with 2- pot Mirotone Satin Lacquer.

Tea Caddy
Catalogue Number: 426
Category: Natural

Turned from a branch of a Pohutukawa tree.

The natural edges are heavily soaked in "super-glue" to eliminate any risk of peeling or breaking off.

The dimensions are: Overall height 115mm ; Diameter 135mm

Finish 2-pot sprayed Mirotone Satin Lacquer