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Ian Lawson

Casuarina Hollow Form
Catalogue Number: 882
Category: Hollow Forms/Vases

Spalted hollow form with voids made from a coppice stool. Turned green and allowed to warp. Finished with shellac and beeswax.  Material: Casuarina cunninghamiana.  Diameter: 245/230 mm Height: 120 mm.  Maximum wall thickness: 4 mm

Spalted Pōhutukawa Platter
Catalogue Number: 880
Category: Plain Bowls/Platters

Sourced from a Pohutukawa tree that had been dead standing. The spalting created a vivid yellow colour.  A simple form to show the beauty of the wood. Diameter: 270 mm.  Height: 28 mm.  Finished with Danish oil and beeswax.

Sweetgum and Copper
Catalogue Number: 884
Category: Embellished Bowls/Platters

Spalted American sweetgum bowl. Turned green, burned, brushed, burnished, and finished with linseed oil and beeswax.  Recycled copper pewa attached with copper nails.  Material: Liquidambar styracilfua.  Diameter: 310/285 mm Height: 165 mm. Rim wall thickness: 8 mm.

Warty Holm Oak
Catalogue Number: 881
Category: Natural

An unusual Holm Oak with a warty trunk and stunted growth habit, that fell in a storm. Japanese willowleaf pewa and four raised feet. Finished with linseed oil and beeswax.  Diameter: 305 mm Height: 145 mm.